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This page is the gathering place for our created works, including web designs, graphic designs, photos, videos, and more. All our designs and content are made with precision for you as a customer. We listen to your visions and combine them with our insights to bring the next works to life.

Websites we have built

Webdesign & Webdevelopment

Explore our portfolio of handcrafted websites & webpages. We as Leadify design en develop with care and precision. Our expertises range from passionate portfolio websites to sleek corporative e-commerce websites. We strive to perfect every pixel to reflect our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Machinefabriek Geurtsen

Elevating Machinefabriek Geurtsen's online presence, our design team meticulously crafts a website that mirrors their engineering finesse. Seamlessly blending form and function, the site showcases their legacy, cutting-edge solutions, and commitment to excellence. A digital gateway to their industrial prowess.
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Machinefabriek Westerhof

For Machinefabriek Westerhof, we've woven digital excellence in every pixel of this landingpage. Seamlessly fusing their mechanical mastery with intuitive design, this page encapsulates their services, innovations, and dedication. A virtual showcase of precision engineering, guiding visitors through their world of industrial ingenuity.
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Gemini Techniek b.v.

In crafting Gemini Techniek's website, we've engineered more than just code – we've built a digital symphony of their technical expertise. Navigating the realms of innovation and reliability, the site reflects their intricate solutions and client-centric approach. A virtual compass guiding stakeholders through the dynamic landscape of engineering excellence.
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Content we made

Content Marketing

Discover our contentmarketing service. Our team specializes in photography but also in videography. We create original content that empowers your businesses identity. From high quality photos to whole company videos. 


Let us capture your brand essence on film to further expand your company’s presence in the digital market.

Our team of specialists can provide any type of video, whether you need landscape or vertical videos.



Our team of specialists can provide any type of video, whether you need landscape or vertical videos.

Content we made

Graphic Design

Our team of talented designers brings your ideas to life, creating stunning logos, eye-catching marketing materials and amazing visuals. Let us turn your vision into a compelling and memorable design that sets you apart from the competition.


See how we improve our client's organic traffic

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, our marketing agency emerged as a beacon of innovation and success. Founded by a dynamic team of digital enthusiasts, we embarked on a mission to transform online businesses into thriving enterprises.

Through meticulous research and strategic insights, we honed a unique approach that combines cutting-edge SEO techniques with personalized content strategies. We believe that organic traffic is the lifeblood of online success, and our agency is committed to breathing life into our clients' websites. We thrive on analyzing data, identifying untapped niches, and crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

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Over time, our dedication translated into remarkable success stories. From startups to established brands, we have consistently boosted organic traffic, fostering long-term growth and fostering unwavering client loyalty. With an unquenchable thirst for staying ahead of the curve, our agency continues to redefine the boundaries of digital marketing, one organic click at a time.

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